Mixing Medications

Many people do not realize how dangerous mixing medications can be. In fact, some combinations are lethal. If you are on medication, make sure your physician knows everything you take, including herbs and supplements. To take it one-step further, when you have a new prescription filled, ask the pharmacist if there are any bad interactions with your other current medication.

Drink Wisely

There is nothing wrong with a couple of social drinks or a glass of wine or beer with dinner, but if you drink, you need to be wise. First, if you drink to the point of being drunk, keep in mind that you are causing damage to your liver. Second, if you drink, NEVER drink and drive.


Alcohol and prescription drugs do not mix. Never drink alcohol while you are taking a prescription. Not only will alcohol make it more difficult for your body to heal, there are some combinations that could kill you. If you feel you must have a drink, ask your doctor or pharmacist if it is safe first.